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        Shanghai Kinsson Equipment & Parts Co., Ltd., which started in 1998, introduced manyfamous European industrial Brands to China. As their exclusive agent, we enteredthe industries of metallurgy, petro, railway and power grid in China and madetremendous progress in the past decade.

        Our long term and stable partners includewell known companies like SMS Paul Wurth,Danieli,Baosteel,ZPMC,Eatonand Voith. Our products are welcomed in multi-countries, America, SoutheastAsia, India, Brazil and Korea, etc.


            Besides our fist products, KINSSON flow divider and FKS cylinder, you can expect more competitive products like DK FLUID lubrication system, LK Technik seals and Conteasi filtration. 

    Devoted to provide qualified service to customer, Shanghai Kinsson is a reliable global partner for you to work with as for hydraulic products, as always.

           Concentration,  Innovation,  Cooperation.

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